Human-Machine Interface Studio

Make concepts real.

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How we work with artists

Artistic Project Development Structure. INDI Ingeniería y Diseño

We provide technology craftsmanship to take your daring concepts to the audience.


- Creative support for art + technology integration
- Proposal preparation for private + public funds
Robotics and Brain Technologies hardware for physical interaction
Machine Learning software for audiovisual and digital interactions
In-Site Deployment for international exhibits
International partnerships for sponsorships and extended reach

We believe it is technology’s role to augment the potential of activities which nurture our humanity; we take a secondary role in enabling artists to fulfil this mission.

Immersive + interactive installations and performances provide the deepest artistic and human experiences. We love and seek this type of projects.

Representative Projects

Neon SciFi

This party-style event including interactive installations showcases cutting-edge technologies in creative ways and for all audiences.

With its first edition focused on Brain Technologies and taking place within MARCO Museum in México, the event sold out to 700 attendants ages 18-75 compared to an average 50 people ages 23-35 regularly participating in events.

The event additionally allows visibility to local talents in electronic music and local brands with innovative and socially-responsible products.

2020 presentations are projected for China in the cities of Hangzhou and Shanghai.


Exosquelettes pour la danse

Part of Marseille Choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing’s conceptual exploration of the relationship between human and machine.

This collaborative project includes exoskeleton development for specific usage in contemporary dance with both healthy and impaired users.

Modular and Full-Body exoskeletons are included in the ongoing project, with presentations projected for 2020-2021 in France and around Europe.


Clients & Tools