Podcast: Behind the technology

“Why not just stay in México and have a nice apartment and a nice life? … I don’t know if this whole mission has really been about building technology or even those installations. Maybe I’m just searching for what I saw in that little girl’s eyes.”

During our participation at “The Climb by Le Village” Startup Program @ The Camp, we had the opportunity to record a podcast explaining a bit of the story and the motivation behind our studio.

The process of preparing it became a bit more personal than expected, and it was only through the trust, support and openness of the team at << Les Explorateurs >> and our close friends in France and México that we managed to dig a bit more than usual and share what we truly carry inside.

Most people ask about our projects, our business and our portfolio, but for this podcast we were finally asked about ourselves.

We hope you like it.

Jesús Tamez-DuqueComment